Starting A Business Consultancy Company Advice

So the tough questions that need to be asked of yourself first and foremost involve your credentials. A consultant needs to have some pretty impressive experience in small, medium and even blue chip companies to make themselves valuable to a potential customer. The more experience a person has in different environments and different markets, then the more valuable their skill set is as a consultant. A consultant needs to be able to have good knowledge of business as a whole and the more experience they have the better they can analyse and solve other people’s problems.

The next big must if you’re thinking of starting a consultancy company is to make sure you are very confident in your sales skills and presentation skills as well. This is because it will be up to you to go out and secure clients through cold calling and pitching, so this needs to be a skill that you have the greatest confidence in. Also being able to present effectively is key because if you do secure some good contracts then you will need to present to directors and managers clearly and confidently.

Having a good network of contacts in many different sectors can also come in very handy for your consultancy as firstly you could pitch them for business or if they know anyone in need of a consultant with your skills. Secondly when you are problem solving within an organisation it is very handy to have a good set of contacts as these will no doubt be needed to solve certain problems. For example if a company is looking to get online and launch an effective website then it would be great if you had two to three good companies you could refer them to and potentially get a cut for the referral. So networking is a definitely a skill you will need to have to make a success out of consulting.

Finally you need to understand that running your own company being a business consultant is very time consuming and you will be stretched greatly. You will need to be very organised, committed, driven and really be a people person. If you posses these skills and are confident that you can accomplish the job at hand then it is definitely a worthwhile career to pursue and can be extremely challenging and rewarding.

Business Consulting and Business Coaching – What’s the Difference

Business consulting has been a practise that has been around for many years and in recent years has become extremely popular. One reason is that people now recognise the importance of having an outside opinion to help point them in the right direction and also they understand that an outside opinion more often than not has absolutely no biases and so a business owner can rely on a completely impartial perspective.

Business Coaching has recently cropped up in the field and market and is often associated with business consulting but the question is are they the same or are they very much different sectors altogether?

A very simple way to put it is that a business consultant will often come in and deal with a specific problem or set of problems and then give the solution to the company. A business coach will not do this. Business coaching is aimed to help a business improve itself by coaching them into the right decisions themselves furthermore they will essentially help the business discover the correct solutions themselves by asking the right questions.

This has become very popular over the past few years as a business owner essentially develops their own skills and gets the correct answers through their own thought process and thinking. A business consultant would not do this as they would simply solve the problem based on their own thoughts and opinions. Both methods are very effective however business coaching seems to have that extra aspect of teaching attached to it which is found very valuable to company owners and managers.

It seems that business coaching is going to continue to grow because this method of teaching and coaching allows a Managing Director to learn how their business is moving and how to effectively solve problems and issues as they arrive. With business consulting it seems that a company could become very reliant on them to solve all their problems and issues especially if the owner loses their confidence in decisions making and effectively loses their grip on the direction of their business. Business coaches think that it is vital that this does not happen and strive to guide a business owner to make the correct decisions and essentially teach them what to do in future circumstances.

So the differences are quite clear in reality, a business consultant will give the solutions based on their own thoughts and opinions and a business coach will help a business owner get to the solutions based on the business owner’s thoughts and opinions by asking key relevant questions. The other question that many people ask is does this mean one is better than the other and the answer is no. Sometimes a business requires a decision and an outside perspective and so a business consultant is needed to give exactly that, however other times a business coach is ideal and it will allow a business to get to where they need to get to with the leader making the decisions.

Retirement Planning Consultant – Are They Really That Important?

After hearing out some advises of your fellow retirees about your retirement plan I guess now you have the idea of applying one for yourself. Always remember the earlier you have it the better. We cannot deny that after all research you’re still confused of what to do. I guess you have an idea but you just want to make sure it would be a successful and efficient one. So now you will be hiring your own retirement planning consultant.

Others may have said it that they are just a waste of time and money because all you have to learn is already in books and most probably in the articles of the world-wide-web. Well of course this is someone true to others who experienced a very bad thing during the days when they are with their consultants. Consultants any way are people or person whom you could tell your plans with when it comes to your retirement plan. They are the ones who will listen to you and shares with you the dos and don’ts of having a retirement plan. They are the ones also who will sit to it that you are on the right track when your retirement period comes. They are the ones who will guide you through and explain to you the in depth matters about having a retirement plan.

Others may opt to say that they are expensive because you will have to pay for their service ones they will start working with you but just try to think of it. It’s better to loose a couple thousands of money for your consultant rather losing your whole money or investment into nothing. The sacrifices that you will going to make will just last for a several period of years but the agony that you will have to face once the plan will be damaged is worth a lifetime. So come to think of it or better pay regrets in the end.

Retirement planning consultant is just your road map for your success in your investments the whole process and steps that you will be going to take will depend upon you. Consultants are not literally those people who are being paid for your guidance. You can consider your friends and family or even your relatives when it comes to this especially to those who have past experiences about this kind of plan. Maybe they can guide you even through small hints or points that can be also useful in the future so better accept all the ideas that they have in mind for you.

There are other companies that offer you a free retirement planning consultant as you go on the way. This is somewhat kind of freebies that they will offer to there customers so go and grab it but before you grab this opportunity you’d better have your own plan ahead. Maybe a few notes or a few lists of things that must be done into your retirement plan.

You can also search the internet about a retirement planning consultant in order for you to start right away. You can also ask someone that had undergone with a certain planner then ask if he or she was good with the previous plan. You can search for thousands of articles online in order for you to be guided also. Having a retirement planning consultant is always a better choice for you to be on the right direction and for you to have the success in your future years.

Get Safety Consulting Done Today!

Everyone needs healthcare and safety in their everyday life. There are various professions that involve serious threats to the health and safety of people. In many industries people have to work with many toxic chemicals and gases. These harmful materials can cause serious health issues. These toxic chemicals can also harm the environment which can harm thousands of people. The only way you can avoid these hazards is by getting a safety consulting service for your guidance.

You spend a great amount of time at your workplace and if your profession requires handling of heavy machines or hazardous chemicals then you and all the other workers at your workplace need immediate consultation. A well trained safety consultant will help people to understand how to work in dangerous situations at workplace. If you are the owner of a firm, taking care of your employee’s health and safety is really important if they work in an unsafe atmosphere. To prevent any kind of accident at workplaces, you need to find a good consulting service fast.

A safety consulting service will help you to train your employees to make sure that they are more careful about their health and safety. Most of the firms use chemicals that affect the environment. This is where safety consulting services will be of help. This specialized professional task force will guide your employees to handle any kind of hazardous situation that is harmful to their health.

Since there are many safety consulting agencies in the market, it is hard to choose the best one that will properly train you and the other employees at an affordable fee. If you and your co-workers or employees are working with harmful substances that can be harmful to the environment as well as personal health it is important to call a consulting agency immediately. A safety consulting agency will teach your employees or co workers to overcome this type of hazardous situations at workplace. This training is compulsory for all the employees because they need to know the company’ safety policy for their own good.

Nowadays almost every firm, airport, railway stations, hospitals, and schools are hiring these agencies to assure the safety of their customers, employees, patients, and students. Visit to know all about safety training agencies and their services. Certified industrial hygienists, certified safety professionals, and field technicians will make sure that the employees can handle any kind of hazardous situations at their workplace.

Social Media Consultants – Your Top 4 Questions About Social Media Consultants Answered

If you’re looking for the answers to your questions about social media consultants, congratulations! You’ve found them.

Do you want to make more money for your business? Do you want to hire a Twitter, Facebook or YouTube consultant? Of course! Rare-thinking business people like you know that any investment comes with questions.

Take one moment to read the answers to these common questions, and then take advantage of the online social option perfect for any hard-working business owner.

What does a social media consultant really do?

Social media consultants manage your social profiles, keep them clean, and make sure you get all of your important messages. They keep them clear of spam, grow your networks, and post your content around the web. They relay customer service messages and act as your public relations on the web.

In short, these professional consultants make your Web 2.0 experience much more fun, relaxing, and profitable. We clear the way so that you can do the fun stuff – the interactions that create relationships and generate revenue for your business.

When you hire the right consultant, you are investing in a great online presence, and the time to take care of your business the way you love to.

Is all of this going to take time away from my priorities?

Absolutely not. When you bring in the right online marketing company to help you manage your profiles, you’re ensuring that your time is used wisely. Your professional manager will do all the tedious and time-consuming tasks, so that you can do the things that you most enjoy.

That is – you can do as much or as little of those fun things as you want. AND – you get the benefit of a continuously active account.

That benefit? Traffic, interest, and sales!!

The single most important function a social media manager has is to make these new marketing venues a fun, easy way to get more customers and get more sales – without taking any of your precious time!

Do I need these services? Are my customers even on any of these sites?

Absolutely. Studies show that the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook is people aged 50 and above. FACT: My grandmother is on Facebook now.

The truth is: online social sites are becoming more and more integral to our culture. As more and more people join up, there’s a stronger and stronger chance that you will find your customers on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

The best thing about social media consultants’ services is that they can tell you which sites your customers are likely to frequent. That way, they can spend the most time optimizing and interacting on those profiles, saving you time and money.

How do these professionals learn to talk like me, and say what I would say?

A great social media consultant will not post anything unprofessional or inappropriate. They will decide, with your guidance, what responses are best in which situations, what you’d like to discuss, and what you’d like to share with your networks.

Some high-end packages may include your social media manager doing the status-updating or posting for you. In these cases, your manager will get to know you and your company very well over time, and will only then post for you.

The beauty of social media consultants is that they can do these time-consuming tasks for you – so you want them to do it right. Count on your professional manager to approve things with you before posting, and be the voice of your company on all the interactive media sites.

Won’t it be amazing to realize that a small investment could get you an excellent online presence, more sales, and more money? You will. The investment in one of the few excellent social media consultants out there can return to you in a phenomenal way.

Energy Efficient Consulting and Reduced Energy Cost

With commercial cost cutting measures becoming more necessary during the current recession, companies are often faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to lay off employees. If your company has recently experienced layoffs and may possibly experience more, then you are probably wishing that there were a better way to save money instead of sending your valued workers to the unemployment line. There is, and it rests within the green building industry in the form of energy efficiency.

More than just a buzz term among environmental activists, energy efficiency is the objective practice of dramatically reducing companies’ energy costs on a long-term basis, with some companies realizing energy savings that reach seven figures on an annual basis. HVAC systems and lighting systems are two operating systems that energy efficiency consulting commonly focuses on.

With most HVAC systems and lighting systems accounting for 40-60 percent and roughly 30 percent of a commercial building’s electrical costs, respectively, it is easy to see how retrofitting a building’s operating systems to achieve energy efficiency could end up reducing energy cost by a sizeable margin. The first step in reducing energy cost is energy efficient consulting, which begins with an initial meeting to discuss the client’s goals and set project timeframes.

The second step in the consulting process commences with a detailed assessment of a building’s interior spaces and characteristics, including hours of operation, square footage and current electrical costs. Throughout the assessment process an energy efficient consultant will perform a variety of technical measurements, including T12, metal halide and HPS measurements.

The third step in the consulting process is a detailed project analysis. Using the information recorded by the energy consultant, a program manager will meet with the client to discuss project goals and then determine the appropriate installation measures that will lead to energy efficiency. If State or Utility rebates are available for the project the project manner will determine the rebate amount and factor it into the project’s final cost analysis.

The fourth step in the consulting process is the presentation of the project proposal. Upon reviewing the project manager’s financial, environmental and work analysis of the project, the client decides whether or not to proceed. With the decision to move forward, the project manager begins implementing the project by conducting a pre-construction review. Then, when the project is complete, a post-installation review is conducted, after which the project’s paperwork is finalized.

If your company needs to cut costs during the current recession, energy efficient construction provides a way to cut costs right now and in the future. In many cases, the cost savings that result from energy efficient construction pay for the construction costs within two years, and after that the cost savings increase a company’s bottom line year after year.

The Small Business Internet Consulting Fast Track

Business on the Internet is expanding at a rapid pace as there is an increasing awareness of the freedom, financial rewards, leisurely pace and independence associated with internet marketing. Nowhere is this more the case than with small business internet consulting.

While anyone can easily start an online business, making it a profitable venture requires knowledge of special techniques that seasoned internet marketers have discovered, tested and applied over a period of time.

However, you don’t need to know all the aspects of internet marketing to start a small business internet consulting service. Outsourcing the tasks that you prefer not to do, or for which you have limited expertise, is the key.

Here are some tips for starting a small business internet consulting company:

Get the right training

Preparation is still vital, even in the high-tech world of online marketing. Learn the language – know what is involve in providing a specific service like creating auto-responders, sales pages, adding web content and web design. Self-study is fine but it may take too much time and energy to figure out the nuances of software, so that turning to an expert for immediate knowledge will shorten your preparation time.

Invest in experts who have taken the time and effort to develop their methods into systems that are easily replicated. If they can do it, you can do it, too.

Define your clients

Most people are so overwhelmed by the worldwide market available to them on the Internet that they tend to use the shotgun approach in marketing their services. Laser-pointing your target market, however, will deliver you more paying clients.

If you specialise in creating landing sales pages for e-books for instance, you can set offline authors as your target clientele and offer to teach them how to convert their works into digital products, how provide to them a service to create simple but effective websites with incorporated payment systems.

Streamline your operations

The lifecycle of any business, whether online or offline, involves a continuous generation of leads, sales, and performance or delivery. These processes are repeated all throughout the operation of your business and can be systematized for automatic and quick results. Again, a newbie like you should not be intimidated by the thought of creating a system on your own if you can follow or adopt systems developed by experts in the same field.

When starting your own small business internet consulting company, you may spend weeks or months looking for resources to help you learn internet marketing or you can get everything that you will need from one source that did the legwork for you. With experts and products to teach you, you don’t need to be a techie or computer wizard to succeed in internet consulting.

Energy Consulting – Is Becoming an Energy Consultant the Right Job For You?

Energy consumption and cost have exploded in the consciousness of every business owners over the last couple of years. Today, energy consulting has become one of the fastest growing and most valued segments of the business industry.

Energy consulting is for those people who have studied and worked in the field of energy. These people are experts in helping individuals (homeowners) and organizations reduce the cost of their energy needs. This may include switching to alternative power sources and reducing the amount of power that they use.

When a consultant is called in by their clients, the first thing that they do is that they analyze their power bills. Consultants will then figure out if the bill is right or if there were discharged fees. If there are any, it’s the consultant responsibility to call the power company to ask for refunds for his client. If needed, the consultant can do his own research to find the best energy provider that charge less.

The consultant is also expected to give his clients and his employees (for business owners) training and seminars as to how they can save on their energy cost. He can also help the client find smarter options for their energy use. For example, they can suggest the use of windmills to dramatically cut their energy cost and become more environmental-friendly.

There are now thousands of organizations and even individuals from around the globe who are seeking the help of energy consultants. These people know that getting information and assistance in cutting down their energy cost can help them save thousands if not millions of dollars in the coming years.

How To Decide on An IT Consultant That Suits Your Company’s Needs

If you are planning to hire an IT consultant, you’ll want to understand that it’s not necessarily always an easy task figuring out the proper factors for selecting the best of the IT companies available. Additionally, you will find the process even more challenging if you’re not comfortable or informed about the technical element of your company. The following are some pointers that may help you choose the best company or individual that matches your company’s requirements.

1. By hiring an IT consultant that has a range of knowledge and product knowledge, it will be possible to save considerable time and money in the long run. You need to find out about the consultant’s expertise, and check references from a few of their particular current customers. Also try to find testimonials submitted on the internet. A good candidate should talk about diverse systems with you to your existing requirements and not merely recommend a single solution.

2. You need to look for someone who has a excellent operating expertise in systems integration. Take into account that the more systems applications you’ll be able to use in your company, the higher the risk is going to be of downtime that is caused by inconsistent systems. Each and every equipment or software addition or upgrade that has been added to your business computer system, must be able to operate correctly with the remainder of the system and be as seamless as possible.

3. The IT consultant that you choose should be able to provide you with scalable solutions. Regardless of what the present size of your enterprise is, at some point in the near future your It requirements are likely to increase, as the technical systems become more complex and sophisticated. The IT providers that you are researching must be able to handle your current IT demands, in addition to the future IT needs of your business.

4. You should also consider choosing round-the-clock availability. Despite the fact that your company might not be opened twenty-four hrs per day, 7 days per week, in the event that you decide on a service provider that provides 24/7 assistance, the alternative is always available to you when you decide that your company requires it. It really is to some degree comparable to insurance; you pray that you will never have to put it to use, but it is good to know that it’s there when and if you need it.

5. Finally, you need to hire an IT consultant that will be able to give your in-house staff some education. If you’re installing completely new systems or modernizing the present ones, your team should understand how to effectively use these systems. It can be quite expensive when your team has to understand the programs themselves in addition to performing their job duties; therefore, it is often be more cost-effective to employ an outside consultant that could train your staff for you.

With some bit of upfront homework and interviewing mentioned previously, you can outsource your information technology requirements and, in most cases, save a substantial amount of funds as opposed to what it really would cost to employ your own staff to complete exactly the same function.

What Does an SEO Consultant Do and How Hiring One Can Help

SEO Consultant – Tracking Trends

The SEO consultant can help your business capitalize on the ever-growing shift toward online research and marketing. Recently, The National Association of Realtors (NAR), the country largest trade organization, released a report indicating that that more than 70% of homebuyers first became aware of the home they eventually purchased through online research.

Meanwhile statistics suggest that 92% of shoppers either purchase or research products online. The fact is that the use of an SEO expert can boost your site’s visibility, productivity, sales and bottom line. Regardless of your company’s product or service, businesses that rely upon an online presence and that do not use an SEO consultant will learn the hard way that a relatively reasonable upfront investment can yield big dividends down the road.

Launching a website without the advice of an experienced SEO is akin to casting an un-baited fishing line into the ocean in the hopes of landing a trophy fish. SEO experts provide a variety of services including training, monitoring, recommendations and analysis.

The Role of the SEO Consultant

The services provided by the SEO consultant have depth and range and can be carefully coordinated to compliment the company’s marketing strategy. As a necessary component of that strategy, some SEO consultant recommendations may be used to create consistency throughout the total marketing plan. Seamless marketing must always be the goal.

With increased exposure to consumers and with ever-changing online research trends, the SEO consultant will diligently keep the client advised of industry trends. These trends can usually be easily expanded into new online venues. The recent splurge in social media is a perfect example of the need to stay atop of the way consumers perform research.

There are six main reasons to utilize an SEO consultant:

  • Learn effective SEO techniques and their implementation
  • Boost the company’s online presence
  • Increase the site’s search engine ranking
  • Attract targeted consumers
  • Increase sales
  • Protect the company’s online reputation

The Measure of SEO Consulting

Whether your site is dormant or active, an SEO will be able to provide considerable analysis and discover new areas and means to boost activity. Again, there are six central areas in which the professional SEO can buoy your site.

  • Analyze your Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Improve your SEO website design
  • Optimize keyword usage
  • Improve your SEO copywriting
  • Build effective links
  • Setup and expand website analytics

The SEO expert can either work with existing staff or perform the services directly on an ongoing basis.

Search Engine Optimization specifications constantly change. The big three search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing have sophisticated algorithms. The changes present constant challenges to sustaining high SEO rankings. When adding the significant gains in social media venues like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Digg, the need for the SEO consultant becomes even more necessary.

Improving your SEO has a high return on investment. To increase the exposure and increase the bottom line, the SEO expert provides meaningful value. Think about that un-baited fishing line, think about what your optimized site can mean to your company and consider retaining a professional SEO to boost productivity and sales.